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Familial Partial Lipodystrophy (FPLD)
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Female 1972 - FPLD frontaboutjpg.jpg




FPLD female front view (noticable lack of fat in arms and legs)

Female 1972 - FPLD side view.jpg






FPLD female side view (note lack of fat in legs and arms, umbilical hernia, excess fat in face, neck, back and stomach)





Female 1972 - FPLD Acanthosis Nigricans Underarm.jpg



Acanthosis Nigricans causing velvety light brown pigmentation due to elevated levels of insulin 'spilling over' into the skin.




Female 1972 - FPLD legs2.jpg




Loss of subcutaneous fat gives the legs a muscular appearance, veins appear more prominent.







Female 1972 - FPLD Neck.jpg



Excess supraclavicular fat (fat above the clavicle) and a round face gives a 'cushingoid' appearance.



Male 1935 - FPLD Body.jpg





Males display a more sporty, muscular appearance but with fat still accumulating under the chin.












Female 1972 - FPLD Gluteal.jpg



In women, lack of fat in the buttocks (gluteal regions) is striking and they complain of “no-hips” or “flat hips”.




Female 1972 Male 1935 - FPLD Hands.jpg


Father and daughter excess fat in the hands. 






Female 1972 - FPLD Bodyb.jpg




Prominent fat excess in shoulders and back.